Skip Thanksgiving

So I get it, retailers are looking to make a buck. And thus, we begin seeing Holiday stuff everywhere, before Halloween. When I was a kid, (oh boy, am I old enough to use that phrase?) Christmas, the season of giving, did not start until after Thanksgiving. I remember listening to Christmas music on the radio on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandma Lucy’s. That was the beginning of the giving season. We put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Stores decorated after Thanksgiving. Lots of amazing traditions began AFTER Thanksgiving.

As a society, we should, by way of following retailers, just skip Thanksgiving. Right?

In Penney Pierce’s book The Intuitive Way, she talks about The Creation Cycle: Be-Do-Have-Be.  Here’s my adaptation: We think and get inspired in the Be, or God, or Source. This is where a plan is hatched. We obviously do in the Do phase. Our culture celebrates doing. (“So what do you do for a living?”) This is where our plan is in action. And then we get to Have. This is where we receive the fruits of our labor, so to speak. To complete the cycle we need to go back up to Be.  In our society, it seems like we get stuck it the Do-Have Trap as I call it. We Do something and then we Have something. So “naturally,” we Do more so we Have more. And then we just go back and forth and never go back to Be, to the quiet, to the Source, to the inspiration. We just do and have and do and have, chasing our tail, hoping that happiness will come. We don’t trust the cycle to be completed. We are scared we won’t Have more. So we miss new inspiration by way of Being.

What if we applied gratitude to each phase? Our thoughts would come from a place of fullness. We would Be in gratitude. We would Do from gratitude. We would Have gratitude. And then we would Be thankful again, inspiring new ideas that come from a place of trust and gratitude. Over and over and over, inspiring countless others to live a grateful “Creation Cycle.” Imagine! In this cycle, Thanksgiving comes first.

As we head into the holiday season, let us remember that Thanksgiving does indeed come first. Rejoice! Celebrate your many gifts!  True to form, in Thanksgiving, thanks also comes before giving. I encourage you to count your blessings and then give from a place of gratitude this holiday season. Watch the magic unfold. Return to the magic often.

Enjoy this harvest season, may you feel as blessed as you are.



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